Geology/Earth Sciences Group

geology-groupCYPRUS is a wonderful place to study Geology and the Earth Sciences for three reasons;

  1. The island has a wide range of rocks and land forms, many of them are unique or very rare, for us to study.
  2. The sparse plant cover means that the geology is visible everywhere.
  3. The climate is wonderful and so, for much of the year, it is a pleasure to be out of doors studying the wide range of material exposed.

Within C3A Limassol there have been thriving Geology/Earth Sciences study sections in the past which, sadly, no longer function.  I would like to re-establish such a group with the aim of looking at Cyprus’s unique geology.  The first meeting will be in September and I proposed that the format be in the form of a series of field study trips, so that we can get up close and tactile with the materials under study.

Each session will normally start with a brief overview of the theory that lies behind the materials and / or land forms that we shall be studying so that all members of the group, no matter what their previous knowledge of the subject, can understand what they are looking at, learn and contribute to our overall enjoyment of the day.

Group Leader: John Lawley

Meetings: Monthly, on the fourth Friday of the month.

Venue: Various – contact Group Leader

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