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C3A Limassol talking books library

BEING a member of the Limassol branch means you have lots of interesting activities,  groups, and events to chose from; to be as busy or as relaxed as you like!

Audio books are recordings of books being read aloud and listened to from any device that is compatible with a compact disc (CD). These books were originally designed for the partially sighted and the blind.

However, ‘ Talking Books’ may be of interest to members who are dyslexic, have failing eyesight, too ill to read, in a household where another voice is company, to facilitate the learning of English to a foreign speaker by sound, and even those of us who tend to nod off after the first page!

At present we have over 50 CD’s to chose from with categories ranging from – Detective Crime Thrillers – Mysteries – Romance –  and the Classics. Our Library will be added to when others come our way. Some members may already have some that they wish to donate.

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