Membership and Visitor Forms

MEMBERSHIP of the C3A Limassol entitles you to join any Limassol C3A Group and attend Limassol C3A meetings and events.

C3A Limassol Membership Application

If you wish to join the C3A Limassol Branch, please complete the English application form or the Greek application form and return it together with your annual subscription to:

The Treasurer
C3A Limassol
PO Box 51922,
3509 Limassol

Please note

** Do not send cheques by recorded delivery or registered post **

Cheques made payable to: C3A Limassol District.

** Do not send cash by post **

Do not send cash in the post. C3A Limassol is not responsible for items lost in the mail.

C3A Limassol Guests

If you wish to attend a Limassol C3A Branch group meeting or event as a guest, please complete and print the Guest Disclaimer Form and take it with you to the meeting:

Please note that participation in C3A Cyprus groups is undertaken at the member’s own risk and neither the C3A Cyprus nor the Group Leaders are responsible for any injuries/mishaps however occasioned.