Powerpoint Presentation

How to Create – Where to Apply

PowerPoint presentations can be applied to a variety of subjects in educational groups and also for personal use.

They usually begin with a title slide that may contain the name of the topic and that of the presenter. Slides that follow contain information, in the form of a combination of text, graphics, diagrams, pictures or bullet points. Any element can be animated and also can be used to link to other slides allowing the presenter to expand a point. PowerPoint also allows for the generation of speakers notes and handouts.

If you are a group leader, or an active member, you may wish to create such a presentation of up to 30 minutes and present it to our members and guests at an open meeting or the A.G.M.

Discuss your outline with Bryan Tolladay who is pleased to offer his expertise and know how to guide and assist you with your project, including help with suitable material and graphics.

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