Time on your hands? Interested in making new friends?

WELCOME to the Cyprus Third Age (C3A). We are one of many thousands of U3As around the globe. In the UK alone U3A membership is approaching 400,000.

To join a U3A, the only qualification you need is an interest in getting more out of your life, right now.

“Third Age” is the period of time after the first age of childhood dependence and the second age of full time employment and/or parental responsibility. If you want to live this third period of your life to the full, then the U3A is for you!

The Cyprus Third Age (C3A) gives you the opportunity to make new friends, pursue your interests and participate in a range of activities through regular meetings and special interest groups organised and run by our members.

The concept is simple. You don’t need qualifications, there’s no curriculum – and it costs next to nothing. Teachers learn and learners teach.

We are a multicultural association. We welcome members of every nationality, and the richness that diverse cultures can bring.

You’ll find more about what the C3A can offer you and see what special interest groups, meetings and events our members are running by clicking on the links to the various activity/interest groups on the right. You will also find a contact form where you can request further information about the group’s activities.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to Contact Us.