Bridge without Tears

Instruction and guidance aimed at absolute beginners.

Bridge was developed with the aim, as far as possible, of negating the usual problem of “the luck of the cards”. It is a game in which the goalposts are changed: if you are dealt a strong hand, a higher target is set and thus weak hands find themselves with a lower target to win the game

Remember, as a teenager, your first go on the Dodgems. You were told, “This pedal to go, that to stop and the wheel for steering.” Off you went happily driving a motor vehicle. Of course, before going on the road, you still needed lots of experience (practice) and to learn the Code, and it is a very similar story with Bridge.

When you are actually playing the game, it is much easier to pick up the theory as you can understand the point of it, just as it soon becomes obvious why you have to slow your car before turning a corner.

I used to run a School Bridge Club, affiliated to the English Bridge Union. They sent me a way of teaching the game without the complicated theory of bidding, so that beginners can be playing within about 10 minutes. No previous knowledge is needed, but it will save a couple of minutes it you know what a “trick” is and what a “trump” is. Never mind if you don’t.

Group Leader: Julian Kirkup

Meeting: 10.00 – 12:00 every Wednesday morning

Venue: Sunquest hotel

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