Renew Your Membership

Your C3A membership becomes due after our Annual General Meeting (AGM) during which the annual subscription is confirmed. This year it remains at €10.00.

To renew your membership, please complete and submit the on-line Annual Membership Renewal Form, which you can find by Clicking Here.

Once you’ve submitted the completed Renewal form, you’ll receive an acknowledgement by email together with a printable copy of your completed form.

Although our preferred option is to pay the €10 renewal fee by credit/debit card, you may also pay by online bank transfer or cheque.

If you have an account with the Hellenic Bank or the Bank of Cyprus, there is no fee  for paying via online bank transfer. However, if your account is with another bank check with them as they may charge you.

Please note that paying by cheque is the most expensive payment option. A cheque will cost you €0.50 to €0.60 depending on your bank and the postage will cost €0.43 (priority A) or €0.36 (priority B). Plus the fee your bank will charge for processing your cheque. (Banks revised their charges earlier this year, making online payments more cost-effective than the alternatives.)


If you’ve paid by credit/debit card, no further action is necessary. You will receive an acknowledgement of payment and completed Renewal form by email. (Your completed Renewal form will be sent automatically to our Treasurer and Membership Secretary.)

If you’ve paid by bank transfer, please complete the ‘Bank transfer reference used’ on the Renewal form. (Your completed Renewal form will be sent automatically to our Treasurer and Membership Secretary.)

If you’re paying by cheque, please print the Renewal form and send it, together with your cheque, to our P.O Box address that you’ll find printed on the form.

As a last resort you may also pay by cash. Give your completed Renewal form and renewal fee to a C3A Committee member. (Note that Group Leaders have been advised not to accept cheques or cash.)

If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help. Please get in touch using our Contact Form.